Entry #2

Madness Day 2017

2017-09-22 15:01:31 by MacWrecker

It's that day of the year again, a day when Madness community unites and brings animations and artworks to Newgrounds. I'm a bit late, am I?

Happy Madness Day, everyone! 

Btw, why don't you check out the new poster I've made for this special day? Link is here: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/macwrecker/ordinary-job


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2017-09-22 15:05:42

Glad to see ya still active here, happy madness day!

MacWrecker responds:

Happy MD to ya too, man.


2017-09-22 16:04:49

Hell, it's about time

MacWrecker responds:



2017-09-23 12:09:08

Happy Madness Day Mac, was hyped to see a movie from you but the artwork is also epic :)

MacWrecker responds:

I planned to do an animation for this MD but things didn't worked out.